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Essential Business.....

During this time of uncertainty....
We are an essential business! The men who work with us take every precaution to keep you, your family, them selves and their families safe and healthy!  As always we thank you for your support, your loyalty and your business....this helps us keep our families taken care of! God Bless and Please Keep Safe & Healthy.....
                                 Ralph & Louise

Our Day in History

History in the making.....let us Unite and bring forward Greatness! With Christ all is possible and We both look forward to supporting the New House stepping in today.....let us move forward together! We will be great once again..... God Bless All of America

Our Moment

Let My wife Maggy and I introduce to you....
Our son and newest Tucson Firefighter Class 15-3
Michael Gunarson

In the Spirit of Christmas....

To celebrate Christmas....
We are offering during the month of December
$500 off 
of a warm winter Chimanaya!!
Hurry to sign your contract....
There are only so many we can build!!
Merry Christmas!!

Trick or Treat....Fall Special!!

Trick or Treat....
My wife's favorite time of year! 
Here is a treat in her honor
10% OFF 
Sign a contract for the month of October
Simply ask for the discount!!
Have a great and safe October
We will be seeing you soon!!

Sincerely, Ralph

* discount expires 10/31/2015

Here is to a great year!!

Many Blessings to You and Yours
Wishes for Health, Happiness and Prosperity!!
We bring 2014 to a close of a great book!!
From a new grandson to our youngest child announcing
 that he will be a father in the early fall!
From one crew to using three at one time!!
So much to be thankful for 
Here is to a New Year
So many dreams to come to harvest...
God Bless
Happy New Years!!!

If you are looking for any of our projects.....

Please check us out on Facebook
We post so many more photo's there
From start of project to finish on many!!
If we do not have a photo of the project 
we completed at your home.....
please feel free to share on our page!!
Ya'll have a great day and enjoy 

Mother's Day

To my wife, my mom, my daughter's, my sisters', my aunts', my nieces' 
and the many women  close to my life and my families lives
May your day be filled with laughter, love and great memories!
To my wife's mom, sister and her nanie and my sweet grandma's
in heaven above...we miss you, thank you for your unconditional love
Happy Mother's Day

A tid bit for your journey today....

~ Believe in something unbelievable 
 have faith to follow your hearts true path ~

Something to cultivate today as you journey

"Have you ever heard the earth breathe?" ~ Kate Chopin
As a child my dad taught me to listen to the trees
So when I have a moment or it's one of those days
I love to sit outside and just listen
You'd be surprised......very calming effect

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Essential Business.....
Our Day in History
Our Moment
In the Spirit of Christmas....
Trick or Treat....Fall Special!!


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Essential Business
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